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thu31octfri01novOpenPOWER Summit EU 2019Tutorial Session: GPU Programming Using Patterns for Parallelization (october 31) 17:30 - (november 1) 13:00 Marriot Lyon Cite Internationale, France.

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Tutorial Session: GPU Programming Using Patterns for Parallelization
Dr. Manuel Arenaz & Dr. Javier Novo, Appentra Solutions

Tutorial Session Pre-Requisite: Thursday, October 31 • 17:30 – 18:10. Read more:
Tutorial Session: Friday, November 1 • 09:55 – 13:00. Read more:

As HPC continues to move towards a model of multicore and accelerator programming, a detailed understanding of shared-memory models and how best to use accelerators has never been more important. OpenMP is the de facto standard for writing multithreaded code to take advantage of shared memory platforms, but to make optimal use of it can be incredibly complex. OpenACC is considered a forerunner and simpler to use, which is why it is being successfully used today for the acceleration of real applications.

This course will give a holistic understanding of multicore and GPU programming using a novel productivity-oriented approach based on the decomposition of real applications into components for parallelization. The workshop will cover:
– Introduction to multicore and GPU programming.
– Code patterns for parallelization.
– OpenMP and OpenACC.
– Multithreading, offloading and tasking.”

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October 31 (Thursday) 17:30 - November 1 (Friday) 13:00


Marriot Lyon Cite Internationale, France.

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